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Where is Wolcott Invitational

The Where is Wolcott Invitational is a fun filled offseason event at Wolcott High School! (If you can find it, that is.) We'll be playing robots on June 8. Scroll down to learn more. Heard enough? Email to register.

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Slime Contest

If you register, you get to nominate a mentor to be slimed. Whichever mentor receives the most donations is slimed! The nominating team will receive part of the donations received.

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Mentor Robot

Team 666, the TorMentors, will compete at this event! Any mentors in attendance will get the opportunity to drive the TorMentor robot on a real FRC field.

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Guest Game Announcer

Sign up to guest game announce a match! You'll be able to be mentored by an experienced game announcer in the process. This could get you to the microphone at official events!

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